Mar 29 2009

Electric Cars Resource Blog added to our network

Electric cars resource is a site for enviromentalists and handy men who want to try building their own electric car, or just reading about how electric cars work and what needs to be done in order to convert your gas powered car to electric car.. Also electric car problems, flaws, downsides will be described, and electric car model reviews with links and pictures will be added on regular basis, enjoy!

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Mar 03 2009

Stupid Looking Cars Blog – just added

Stupid Looking Cars blog will be featuring the funniest, stupidest, ugliest and weird looking cars from all over the world, so have a look

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Feb 25 2009

Car Crash Videos Blog Added

Our new addition features Car Crash Videos and all kinds of funny and amazing car and driving related videos, you’ll see accidents on ice and snow, weird car crashes, speeding and barely avoided collisions, as well as female drivers and just plain stupid drivers, so just sit back and enjoy these funny car video clips!

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Jan 18 2009

First member blog added – VW Corrado!

We’re proud to announce the launch of the first blog in our network, a blog dedicated to a nineties VW legend – the VW Corrado.. This fan page & corrado portal blog will feature information, links and galleries of all versions of this coupe, so if it fits your area of interest, check it out at

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Jan 17 2009

Hello world!

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Welcome to Free Car!
We hope you do like what this site offers you (this main blog will be just an overview of our member’s blogs recent activity so you can see the latest news in all sections) so browse our network and enjoy all the hot car blogs and car galleries & information within them!

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